Live on the Radio!!

We just had a great night with our new friends at WPKO 98.3 in Bellefontaine. We were on the air with Matt and his program the night mix.  Tom, our buddy from The Rummage got us in touch with the station.  The program started with a long interview followed by a broadcast of our song Therapy.  We hung out and talked in between requests and then aired Sunny Daze before checking out for the night.  We even had some listener interactions with a Mustang Sally request aimed at Joe and fan reponse that left us grinning from ear to ear.  Oh yeah, and we also announced that we intend to start our own record label as we look to make our next album.

More than music… it’s a way of life!

Bridge to Fort Wayne

We had an awesome night Saturday night in Fort Wayne.  We played a private party for a group from Concordia High school.  The best part of this story, the party was on a bridge in the downtown.  The night was a huge success and it turned out to be one great road trip.  Even if it did start off a little rocky.  10 miles after departing our studio Joe realized that he forgot both of his guitars.   So we had to turn around but Joe paid for it later as Jeremy convinced the cashier at Speedway to humiliate Joe by announcing his mistake to everyone in the store and at the pumps over the PA.  Who knows what will come next… a live radio interview?!

More than music… it’s a way of life!

Eaton Beaver Tour

We just came off of a great weekend!  Taffy’s in Eaton is a great hangout.  The crowd was treated with a three piece music show when Craig’s amp started shocking him when singing.  Saturday at Luke’s in Bluffton was an awesome night, many of our friends followed us from the Lima Area.  Later in the night we made magic on the patio when the crowd was picking up what we were laying down!! Joe and Craig were both dancing with the crowd in what turned out to be the best ever rendition of our funk instrumental Babylon Rocker.  A great end to our first tour!


More than music… it’s a way of life!

Friday Taffy’s (Eaton) Saturday Luke’s (Bluffton)

It is now upon us, the Eaton beaver tour.  Friday night at Taffy’s in Eaton Ohio and Saturday at Luke’s in Bluffton,  come and check us out!

More than music… it’s a way of life!

Findlay Beer Barrel Wed. Aug. 13

We want to invite everyone to the Findlay beer barrel location for a party on the patio!!! This is our first ever show in Flag City, so be sure to witness history with us.  Order a deep dish pizza and a cold drink and enjoy the ride!


More than music… it’s a way of life!!




Bachelorette Chophouse!

Wow, we had an incredible weekend!  It started out Friday at Mulligan’s, our hometown hangout.  The Rally featured local band the Hipnotix who also included a group of all-stars.  This brought a nice crowd to downtown Lima and we continued the party after the rally.  We had a great night of music which even included a guest performance by local artist Geoff Swink (Them Kids) on House of the Rising Sun and Last Dance with Mary Jane.

Saturday night capped off our weekend as we made our first visit to Defiance, OH.  It is always a little bit uncertain when trying out a new town and venue but everything turned out great.  We played the Sweetwater Chophouse attached to the golf course, the facility is awesome!  The lower level patio was packed most of the night.  There was a bachelorette party there most of the night and at one point the bride to be and one of her friends put on a tambourine performance for the ages!  Once we figured out that the great people of Defiance loved to rock, we dialed it up.  Craig and Joe (Thrash) both broke strings while shredding it up!

Stay tuned for our Eaton-Beaver tour coming in August to Taffy’s and Lukes! (August 22 and 23 respectively)

More than music… it’s a way of life!!

Tiffin Music and Arts Fest This Saturday!!

Hey Junkies!!! We are excited to play the main stage this Saturday at the Tiffin Music and Arts festival.  We play at 5:45 and there are many other attractions for Junkies of all ages.  New t-shirts and tank tops are hot off the press, the merch table will be stocked with brand new designs.

More than music… it’s a way of life!

Dragon Tooth!! Luke’s this Saturday May 10

Hello blog readers, there is a lot to report in this edition, Sunset Junkies have been very busy!  Our show Saturday and Howard’s in BG was great, we had a lot of people there to support us and it was a fun night!  Then we snuck in a performance Wednesday at Gilbert’s Music/Groamy’s Records.  This was a blast, we had about 10 little kids out in front of us moshing!!  We debuted a new song that was untitled, we let the kids suggest names and the one we chose was Dragon Tooth!!  So come see us at Luke’s in Bluffton to hear Dragon Tooth!!


More than music… it’s a way of life!!

Howard's BG this Saturday May 3!!!

It has been a long time coming but Sunset Junkies will be playing this Saturday at Howard’s Club H in Bowling Green Ohio!! Joe and Keith have both played here before in other bands and we are excited for our first time at the venue.  Our pals from The Rummage will open the night and we will play second and TroubleGiant from Toledo will close the show.  This is going to be a great night!!

More than music … It’s a way of life!

A day of firsts

Our first record store day was a smash!  The weather was awesome so that brought a lot of people out for the festivities.  The whole day was packed full of local musicians who played all day long.  We enjoyed talking to fans and other artists in our hometown.  Local musician George Smed in Smedasaurus covered our song I’m here and you’re gone, the first time anyone has covered one of our songs!!  Our set went great and the day was a success!


More than music… It’s a way of life!