Record Store Day Sat. 4/19

We are stoked to be headlining record store day tomorrow at Groamy’s ! Groamy has been a supporter of our band for years so it’s awesome to be able to partner with him on this event. Gilbert’s Music will be running the sound, so we will roll in with our axes ready to plug and rock! We are scheduled to go on at 6:00, but members of Sunset Junkies will be hanging out all day at our merch table where we will be giving away free downloads of our Therapy album!! There will be lots of good music going on all day long, we are excited to be a part of it. After a little break in our schedule we are anxious to bring some noise!!

More than music… It’s a way of life!

Thanks, thank you, gracias

We had a blast at Taffy’s, it was such a fun venue!  Manfred, the barkeep makes this place special.  It was apparent right away that this place takes their music very seriously.  A whole wall in the venue is plastered with show posters.  After Graduation opened for us, a one man show by Robby Fischer.  The fans who came out gave us great support and we want to make a return. Appearance to Taffy’s sometime soon!


More than music… It’s a way of life!

Taffy’s This Wednesday, March 19!!!

We are coming out of hibernation for a road trip to Eaton Ohio this coming Wednesday.  Sunset Junkies are ready to rock and we can’t wait to play such a unique venue.  Taffy’s prides themselves on hosting live music and has over 200 shows per years (that’s a lot of shows!!)  Artists that have played at Taffy’s include Grammy winners John Lee Hooker Jr. and John Hammond.  And after Wednesday they’ll be able boast that Sunset Junkies came, rocked, and conquered!!


More than music… it’s a way of life!!

Draw on my face please!

This past Saturday our show at Mulligans sure was something  to remember! Heading into the weekend we knew that heavy snow was likely… again!! Man is winter ever going to end? Regardless of the circumstances we always know that we are going to have a good night at Mulligans. The crowd was great all night and was a lot of fun.  The highlight of the night might have been when everyone was encouraged to draw on the picture of Craig’s face that was on this weeks entertainer. Entries included vampire Craig, thug Craig, Rabbit Craig, an impromptu song/ poem written on Craig’s face, and many other markings and piercings. Once again proving that you never know what may happen at a Sunset Junkies show!

More than music… It’s a way of life!


Now that was a rock show!!!!

If you missed the show that happened Saturday at the Avalon Bar, then you missed a lot!  We had this date booked for a while in advance and as time went on, we had more artists want to join in on the fun.  The first band was The Rummage, and after they finished their first ever show at Gilbert’s Music/Groamy’s Records they had plenty of gas left in the tank for an encore at the Avalon.  They are 3/4 Ohio Noise Machine members who have reorganized to play a brand new blend of rock.  Their new tunes sounded awesome and really got the night off to a great start.  It did help that their lead singer Tom was celebrating a milestone birthday that night too (btw those brownies you left in the bar were great at 2:30 in the morning!)  We came on second and the place was pretty much jumping at that point.  Our set went great, and the crowd was in full support as we played a lot of our new material from our 5 song ep Fantasy world released this summer.  Next up was Shudder, a metal band from Detroit.  These guys made an impression on Lima, that is for sure, they were a lot of fun to watch.  They also rocked some bricks loose in the building and they seemed to bring a wrecking ball that exploded inside of the Avalon with awesome tone and musical arrangements.  I think you may be hearing a lot more from Shudder in the future.  Them Kids Featuring Kat Brennan/Geoff Swink went on last, they were supposed to be third but volunteered to close the night out so that some of the members from Shudder could make it back to Rock City a little earlier since the snow was a definite factor in everyone’s plan that night.  Even with the scheduling change Them Kids had a great set and even invited some audience participation on the cover Pink Floyd’s wish you were here.  Geoff’s cool blues style guitar meshed with Kat’s catchy riffs and smoky vocals make for an awesome combo, no wonder this duo is playing all over the place.  It was a great night, and hopefully more of these nights continue to happen in Lima.  There is no way that they could if it were not for owners like Pepper and Lumpy that open up their establishments to musicians that create and play original music.  It also helps that Pepper is always the life of the party and is a blast to hang out with!


More than music… it’s a way of life.

2013 in Review

Wow 2013 was an awesome year for Sunset Junkies!! The highlight came in June where we played in front of a couple thousand fans at Rockapalooza. This performance put Sunset Junkies on the map and probably lead to another really big opportunity for Sunset Junkies, the Live Wire TV and radio show from Bowling Green. We recorded an interview and were taped during our half an hour set. 2014 will be the year that the tv and radio shows air in April. We already have shows lined up for January and February and anticipate that 2014 will be amphetamine banner year for Sunset Junkies!! Happy New Year!!!

More than music… It’s a way of life!!

Live Wire

We were excited going into last night’s live recording knowing that it was not only a great opportunity but that it would be a lot of fun.  All of this held true, last night was an awesome experience!  If this is all news to you then let’s give you some background.  The local PBS station in Bowling Green Ohio broadcasts a TV and Radio show called Live Wire that showcases regional music talent.  Our performance will be aired on both radio and TV most likely in April, but stay posted we will have all the info when it gets closer to the time.  The evening started with an interview  with host Paige Dunham where Joe, Keith, and Craig answered casual questions about the band.  It will be interesting to see what clips that they might use, while the interview lasted 10 minutes only a few snippets will be used between songs.  We were the first band to play in the evening and even though there were four bands total, our performance will be separated out into it’s own episode.  Our set went great, I don’t think we could have nailed it any better.  They should have a lot of material to work with.  Our set was Therapy, Brand New Day, Forever Free, Fantasy World, Seize the Day, My Town, and Sunny Daze.  We then stayed to hang out with the fans who came to support and listened to the other musicians.  All in all it was an epic night for the journey that has been unfolding over the last seven years!


More than music… it’s a way of life!!!

Seize the day, hit it in the face

This past week someone shared with Jeremy that they were having a rough day and missing loved ones. He popped in our new EP and the message from the song Seize the day got him motivated to make it through the day. That’s what we’re all about.. Even if we don’t become famous and sell a ton of albums if we create music that can connect with individuals in a deep way that’s what we are all about!!
More than music… It’s a way of life!

I'll have a seat at the party table please

If you are reading this than you probably already know that we had a show last might at Luke’s in Bluffton. It was a fun night, the first two sets the patio was packed thanks in large part to the Bluffton High ’98 class reunion! Craig filled out a name tag just for fun with the name Junkie, Sunset.  This actually fooled one of the party goers who said for a moment, “Hey I remember You”! until all of her friends busted up laughing and explained it was just a corny joke and that Craig was not from the class of ’98. For the last set we had a table of really cool people completely rocking to the core! They had been hanging out for most of the evening but by the time the third set rolled around the pitchers of beer had this crew primed for a party!! They were singing along and playing the tambourine, and having a great time!! That is why we live by this tag line;
More than music… It’s a way of life!

Vinegar, Tambourines, and girls with mustaches

It had been a long time since we had played any shows in the bean town and the hometown crowd did not disappoint!! Friday at Mulligan’s drew a great crowd after the rally and that complimented the many family and friends who came to support us.  We had multiple dancers that included Jenny Jenny the tambourine player who tried to steal our tambourine and the group of ladies celebrating a 40th birthday while doing a scavenger hunt and wearing mustaches!  Saturday was our first show at J’s American Pub Shawnee location.  The atmosphere was great and our sets were tight.  The worst part of the night was when someone dumped a bottle of vinegar on the floor and we kept playing inhaling the fumes until someone finally cleaned it up!! The crowd was awesome and they had to kick out about a hundred people at closing time!  Good thing We have two more shows scheduled there this year!  All in all a great summer weekend!

More than music… It’s a way of life!