Westside Pool Sat. 8/27 Public Welcome!

We are excited that some friends from Westside Pool in Lima have asked us to play by the pool Saturday August 27 from 6-9.  This is open to the public and the $5 entry covers swimming.  This is for all ages, and we hope to see our friends from the Lima area whether you bring your swim suit or just your party self  it will be fun!


More than music . . .  it’s a way of life!

Live Friday 5/20 WUDG Columbus

That’s right!  Sit in your cozy arm chair, grab a beverage and listen to Sunset Junkies on your favorite device Friday night!  We will be live at 7:00, you can listen on the link below!



More than music… it’s a way of life!

Toledo on Tap Recap/ Jimmie’s Ladder 11 April 30

We had a great night last night in Toledo for Toledo on Tap.  This is a great event and we would encourage anyone to visit them again in the future.  We were really excited about this show and it did not disappoint to say the least!  We had a huge stage setup and there were beer vendors all around and too many people to count.  It is great to be able to rock out a huge venue with our original music.  Thanks to Jim$ for running the sound the band sounded great all night, you would have never known that our drummer Mike Rogers just joined us in November he fits right in and adds a great dynamic to our new music!  New music, I am glad you mentioned it!  We are one step closer to starting our next project as we have completed of our sound booth in our studio.  We will have a short break and then hit the road again to go to Dayton to another new venue, Jimmie’s Ladder 11.


More than music… it’s a way of life!

Rock and Roll Explosion!

Joe had billed this show as a rock and roll explosion and that’s exactly what happened at Mulligan’s this Saturday. Monocle Who’s lead singer Justin has been a friend of the band 4 years kicked it off with an awesome set of rock and roll. Next we had invited hobo stew from the Bowling Green Ohio area and they are a performance that you don’t want to miss with a keyboard and a trumpet and many other exciting aspects to their music.  We definitely recommend that you would check them out soon if you’re not familiar with who they are. We had a great crowd there all night with a lot of our friends and family as well as the familiar faces that we’ve grown to love Mulligan’s.  The whole night was a lot of fun for everybody. The show ended just the way that we wanted it to with a great set of rock and roll giving us the momentum to our next show in Toledo for the Toledo on tap beer festival April 9th see our site for more details if you need tickets.



More than music… It’s a way of life

Mulligans Lima Sat. March 19

We have had a busy couple of weeks which started with a show in Springfield along with the band Sybill’s Children from Richmond Indiana.  Then we went to Toledo where we played the Ottawa Tavern with our friends the Rummage. We had a great night which included Matt Molaski from the Rummage wearing a pink sunset junkies t-shirt.  We are looking forward to coming back home to Mulligan’s on Saturday March 19th this should be a really fun night with the bands monocle and hobo stew opening up for us!

More than music… It’s a way of life!

Friday February 5 live video taping at Groamy's

We are excited to go and tape a live show at Groamy’s that will air online on ZTO TV. We plan to start at 6, so come out and be a part of history that will be recorded and live forever! Groamy’s is on Robb Ave. in Lima. We will post the link to the video once it is aired. We also have some other upcoming shows coming to a city near you!

More than music… it’s a way of life!!

C & C Loft and Lounge Tonight!!

Hello Everyone!  If you have been following our social media pages then you probably realize that this is a big show for us.  It is the debut of our new drummer Mike Rogers.  He brings a lot of experience and great stage presence to our band!  The Loft and Lounge is a new venue for us and we are excited to make our way to St. Mary’s for some Sunset Junkies rock!!  Details below;



More than music… it’s a way of life!!!!

Rock for the heart!

This past Saturday we participated in the rock for the heart benefit.  It was hosted by our friend Justin at Mulligan’s downtown Lima.  We had a great crowd and the place was rocking during our set!! Our next show is in December !!

More than music it’s a way of life!

Club Panama this Saturday

We will make our first ever trip to Springfield this weekend as we play at the Club Panama this Saturday October 3!  Stay posted for all the updates it should be a great night of rock!

More than music it’s a way of life!

Mulligan’s Sat. Sept 12

We just had a great show in Wapak last night at Moe’s #4 in Wapak!  The crowd was awesome and we enjoyed listening to Before My Eyes who closed out the night with some hard core rock.  We look forward to our next show Saturday September 12 at Mulligan’s, our home town hang out!



More than music. . . it’s a way of life